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"I have written books without any copyright—no rights reserved—because it is a Gift of God, given by God, as much as sunlight; other gifts of God are also free."
—from a talk by Kirpal Singh at Santa Clara University, San Jose, California on November 16, 1972.

Punjabi Books:
 A. Published By Kirpal Ruhani Satsang Sabha ( Bhabat ) Chandigarh 
  1. Param Sant Baba Jaimal Singh & Sawan Singh Ji - Punjabi Translation of Great Saints, Baba Jaimal Singh and Baba Sawan Singh
    - by Kirpal Singh
Hindi Books:
 A. Published By Kirpal Ruhani Satsang Sabha ( Bhabat ) Chandigarh 

   1. Ramcharitmanas- Ek Antriya Jhalak -Discourses on Ramcharitmanas, a Great Hindu Epic Ramayana, by Sant Kirpal Singh
       (Title, Intro , Main Pages)

   2. Prabhu - Manav Tan mein - Hindi translation of 'Godman' written by Sant Kirpal Singh
       (Title, Intro & adhyaya 1 to 2, Adhyaya 3 to 10, Adhyaya 11 to 20, Adhyaya 21 to 25, Adhyaya 26 to 30)

   3. Adarsh Shikshayen Vol I - Hindi translation of 'The Teachings of Kirpal Singh'
       (Title , Intro & Part-1, Part-2, Part-3)

   4. Adarsh Shikshayen Vol II - Hindi translation of 'The Teachings of Kirpal Singh' and some topics from 'Light of Kirpal' and a true
      record of happenings of kindness at Kirpal Ruhani Satsang Ashram , Bhabat.

       (Intro, Part-4, Part-5, Part-6, Part-7)

   5. Kirpal Vani - A Collection of Poems written by Sant Kirpal Singh
       (Inro and Prose, Hindi Poems in Devnagri , Punjabi Poems in Devnagri, Punjabi Poems in Gurmukhi)

   6. Jivan Charitra Sant Kirpal Singh:- Autobiography of Sant Kirpal Singh in His own words
       (Part 1-2, Part 3, Part 4)
  1. Jeevan Jine Ki Kala -
  2. Jivan Ki Partal - Hindi Translation of "Seven Paths to Perfection" written by Kirpal Singh
  3. Kirpa Sindhu - Kirpal -
  4. Shabad Sangreh -
  5. Param Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj ki Teesri Vishav Yatra
  6. Ruhaniyat Ka Khazana - List of video films, satsangs and shabds

B. Published By Kirpal Sewashram, Indore, India 

(Please download all Hindi fonts given here before opening this Book.)

Sampuran Gurmat Siddhant (Front , Part I, Part II, PartIII, Part IV, Part V, Part VI, Part VII, Part VIII, Part IX, Part X, Part XI, and Part XII)


 A -Published By Kirpal Ruhani Satsang Sabha (Bhabat) Chandigarh  

   2. Treasure Of Divinity -List of Films, Satsangs and Shabds
  1. The Mystery of Death
    - by Kirpal Singh
  2. Spirituality Simplified Part I
    - by Kirpal Singh
  3. Great Saints - Baba Jaimal Singh and Baba Sawan Singh

 B - Published By Kirpal Sewashram, Indore , India


Books in English Written by Sant Kirpal Singh Booklets
  • GOD POWER - CHRIST POWER - MASTER POWER [ HTML  PDF  < revised 2008 edition] Discusses the ongoing manifestation of the Christ Power and the temporal nature of the human bodies through which that Power addresses humanity. "Christ existed long before Jesus." 
  • HOW TO DEVELOP RECEPTIVITY [HTML (includes  2 additional letter)  PDF 2011 edition PDF] Three Circular Letters (June 13, 1969; November 5, 1969 and January 27, 1970) concerning the attitudes which must be developed in order to become more spiritually receptive.
  • MAN KNOW THYSELF! [ HTML  PDF 2010 PDF edition] A talk especially addressed to seekers after Truth. Gives a brief coverage of the essentials of Spirituality and the need for open-minded cautiousness on the part of the careful seeker. A concise introduction to Spirituality and Sant Mat - "The Path of the Masters".
  • RUHANI SATSANG: SCIENCE OF SPIRITUALITY [ HTML  PDF  revised PDF] Briefly discusses "The Science of the Soul"; "The Practice of Spiritual Discipline"; "Death in Life"; "The Quest for a True Master"; and "Surat Shabd Yoga."
  • SEVEN PATHS TO PERFECTION [ HTML  PDF  09 edition as PDF] describes the seven basic requisites enumerated in the prescribed self-introspective diary which aid immeasurably in covering the entire field of ethics and help to invoke Divine Mercy.
  • SIMRAN: THE SWEET REMEMBRANCE OF GOD [ HTML  PDF 2010 PDF edition] Discusses the process of centering the attention within by repeating the "Original or basic Names of God" given by a True Master. 
  • SPIRITUAL AND KARMIC ASPECTS OF THE VEGETARIAN DIET  [2010 PDF edition] - Excerpts from letters and books written by both Kirpal Singh and Sawan Singh.


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